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Translation for Kubo's comment on each character in the fav character poll pictures:

Rukia: When I draw this manga, I'm thinking of Ichigo as the protagonist of human side and Rukia as the protagonist of Shinigami side. so when I see Rukia taking the 1st pot, I couldn't be happier.

Byakun: Basically a male version of Rukia. Also, Senbonzakura was inspired by Yoshitsune Senbonzakura. I wanted to get the aristocratic samurai feeling on him

Shunsui: When I draw him I think of an Italian man. Thick body hair, droopy eyes, droopy eyebrows, and a bit of playboy personality. Also, I drew Shunsui and Ukitake as a set together.

Hitsugaya: When I draw the whole group of Gotei 13, I wanted to include a child character and that's why I came up with Hitsu

Kenpachi: Kenpachi's appearances is intimidating, and I thought he should have a pet on his shoulder and I put Yachiru there.

Mayuri: I wanted a character in the Gotei 13 to be completely nuts so I came up with Mayuri. He's fun to draw.

Yamajii: Genryuusai is such a cool character, I'm glad the readers have accepted him as the CC.

Soi fon: I created Soi fon because of Yoruichi... (*can't see the rest*)

Gin: Gin consistently has strong followers. He's been gone for a while now but I feel like he had made a great impression on the fans.

Hisagi: He was so loved by fans. In the beginning, I didn't mean to make him easy to get bullied, but I just couldn't resist when I drew him (laughs)

Nimaiya: I actually came up with Nimaiya's design a long time ago as "the man who created zan"


Recap 13 years of serialization

-- From the beginning of Bleach serialization, what will be your impression after 13 years?
Kubo: I thought I would be planning for 2 more series after Bleach. The editor once told me that they have a goal to produce 30 volumes at Jump, but 30 volumes require almost 6 years. The editor said I will get bored easily so it looks like there's no hope to serialize for 6 years, even 3 years seems impossible. In the beginning of Bleach serialization, I thought I will get bored after 3 years, it is true indeed with my personality. With this in my mind, I began to serialize. Hence, even though Bleach has synopsis, I drew it with a feeling to finish in 3 years. There are breaks between chapters, but as I keep drawing, I feel more enjoyable, then I wanted to draw the other sections, so that's how I've been drawn up to now.

-- "Wanted to continue to draw", when does this happen in your mind?
Kubo: When Aizen fake his death I think.

-- Looking back 13 years, are there any happy and difficult moments?
Kubo: There are a lot of happy moments. My happy moments is where it got animated in TV and turns into rock musical dance. The actors that they chosed from the rock musical dance were very similar to the characters, it certainly makes the fans happy. The difficult moments would be the way I take care of my body. At one point I keep getting sick. So if you want to make a serialization up to 10 years you need to take care of your body. (laughs)

Gotei 13, about Shinigami

-- What makes you decide to draw shinigami in this manga?
Kubo: Because I drew Rukia. When I completed Rukia's design, I look at her and think: "oh, this should be a shinigami", and so I decide to draw a story about shinigami.

-- At the time did you design Rukia with shihakusho and zanpakuto?
Kubo: nope, at the time she wears a school uniform and weilds a scythe. She's also wearing a skirt, above is a school uniform, and below is a skirt, and black socks. This is how Rukia looks like in the beginning of drawing,then I thought that this character should be a shinigami, from there on I thought about the story of shinigami.

--At what point it became the current design?
Kubo: Initially I considered a western outfit for shinigami, for guys it will be a black western outfit , and for girls, a catholic style school outfit. But there are movies already showing a shinigami wearing black western outfit. During the ancient times, a death god (shinigami) will always wear a black cape, looking skeleton-ish, and the concept of shinigami wearing a black western outfit has already been used. So what kind of look for shinigami that hasn't been shown yet. So I thought of black kimono.

-- Their weapon are not scythe, but zanpakuto, is this to match with kimono?
Kubo: Yeah, for my original black western suit design, their weapons are pistols. At the time pistols are selected to match with western outfits. So there must be a weapon to match with kimono, hence I chosed blades.

Gotei 13 character design

-- Which character design comes first and in what order?
Kubo: Initially I designed Rukia, then Renji and Byakuya, then based on the character's debut in an order,then from there I decided on the Gotei 13 captains.

-- How did you design each of the Gotei 13 characters?
Kubo: I have a lot of characters' appearance in my mind. Between them, I pick those by trying to imagine which characters will group well together. Hence in regards to Gotei 13,appearance is the first. In short I drew all the members' look first then thinking "Oh, so that's how this character is", and that's how I design them. Therefore, I've already decided on the characters' look even before they made their debut. Before the characters' debut I thought about what kind of personality should I give to the person, I've created the character before I named them. Characters who are not design in that way and were added intentionally are Aizen and Hitsugaya. In the beggining, Aizen is not included in the Gotei, I designed him because I wanted to draw (characters) that contradict to Gotei 13, but at the time, the 5th division members are not full yet so I just let him become the captain. As for Hitsugaya, I wanted to draw a child character, these 2 were designed to be included in the Gotei 13.

-- For 13 years, do you have changes in awareness of characters design?
Kubo: Name and look etc, in the real world arc I'm still restrain it deliberately, but after the appearance of shinigami I became more flexible. In the arrancar arc, the design of characters' hairstyle has become more fancy.

-- Are there any characters that were included for additional role?
Kubo: I drew without realizing it, once I put the characters together, I thought : will this character and this character have relationship? *didn't understand the next line* Hisagi and Kensei were created this way.

-- After Yamajii dies, Shunsui became the captain commander.
Kubo: I still quite like Yamamoto's character. Up until now his presence is still absolute. His influence is very significant, if he's gone, I wonder what will happen, I wanted to draw this feeling. That's why I decided to let him live before the final arc and let him die in the final arc. But at the same time it's hard to pick who will be the next captain.
I decided to pick Shunsui as the next captain commander, because he is the only one that has tolerance like Genryuusai. Even though Ukitake is quite similar, his body is weak, furthermore I've already decided to let him fall on other place.

In regards to Shinigami

-- Do you have particular feelings on any characters?
Kubo: who would that be, I love all of them. Hitsugaya has a strong linked towards Aizen, at the time I just think it'll be good if he's quite popular. He's not on Ichigo's side but as part of the Gotei 13 he plays the central role to find the culprit, so I'm pretty happy when he's quite popular (laugh)

-- Which character you find easiest to draw and easiest to control?
Kubo: Mayuri. Mayuri and when Kenpachi appears, the story goes smoothly. I also enjoy thinking about techniques that Mayuri is using in the battle. He's the kind of character that I can draw where his performance is different to others, and without the use of swords to battle. Kenpachi is the opposite, it's good to draw a battle which only depends on sword.

-- The battle between Kenpachi and Unohana gives us great impression
Kubo: Unohana and her current character has vast difference, so I'm a bit worried that when I draw the readers will not accept it. From the beginning, I've already decided to draw Unohana this way. In the Soul Society arc, the name Yachiru was meant for Unohana. Hence, Unohana never show her chest in the all girls in bikini color page. But when she's with Isane, who knew her real identity,she laid down her hair.

-- Soi fon and Yoruichi, it seems like a lot of readers love these two.
Kubo: I wanted to draw Yoruichi's subordinates so I created Soi fon. It seems like JUMP never illustrates a female teacher student or trust relationship, so I decided to plan Soi fon and Yoruichi's relationship carefully.

-- Do you have any stories or characters you find it hard to draw?
Kubo: Not that I know of.Komamura is pretty modest compare to others, so It's hard to describe his good side.The others have quite distinctive personalities (laugh). Therefore I'm pretty happy to learn that some readers do understand Komamura's merit.

--Komamura goes humanoid
Kubo: Originally I designed him to transform from a human to a beast, so I thought of drawing another form at some point. The design is western knight. Initially I wanted to draw him in all armor suit, hence I thought of hiding his face. When I decided Komamura's name, his face beneath his hat is formed. Komamura's personality is also similar to some part of the knight.

-- It looks like Gin betrays, but in reality that's the story. When did you decided to plan this?
Kubo: I've been thinking for quite a while when 2 kinds of development happened. Is he going to remain as an enemy, or for the sake of Rangiku. I draw while I was still thinking, till the end I've taken to the point where I can still continue the story in either of the development.
(*basically Kubo says he plans a story that can go either way, whether Gin will remain as an enemy or turn against an enemy)

-- When did you decide the way?
Kubo: I forgot (Laugh) But I adhere the storyline that could go either way with no problem. Although, in my heart I was hoping he will betray Aizen, hence this slowly happens in the story. But Gin's villain face better reflects his characteristics, so I was also hoping that he will always carry his bad guy expression. (laugh)

-- In the soul society arc, Gin makes a lot of suspecious move. Many readers think Aizen is the good guy and Gin is the bad guy.
Kubo: to be honest, this makes me happy. Cause it's what I wanted Gin to act like the bad guy before revealing Aizen's motif.

-- Within the Gotei 13 team, Mayuri has quite a unique personality.
Kubo: It's rare to see someone who change his face with just a make up. In the TBTP arc, Mayuri was thrown into the maggot nest, but this makes his fans more happy (laugh)

-- What about the Royal Guards?
Kubo: It's better if the royal guards are bunch of weirdos, that's what I was thinking when I draw. Their appearance look like they have been there quite some time, that kind of feeling. The royal guards have quite a feature. (laugh)

About the future development

-- We've come into the final arc, how will the story go?
Kubo: I'm thinking "there are quite a few character's battle that I haven't illustrate, it'll be good if I can draw them". The final arc has recover some of the moments that have been foreshadowed up until now, it also has a festival kind of feel, perhaps I will make everyone appear.
(*don't really quite understand Kubo's answer*)

--Thank you so much for today! Looking forward to the 14th year of Bleach.

Q:"Thinking about continue to draw this character!" What's the thought?
Kubo:Thinking about drawing a story of a certain character's bankai, actually the final form hasn't been drawn yet, but I wanted to draw that form!
Q: Are there any Zanpakuto you enjoy drawing?
Kubo: Drawing Byakuya's Senbonzakura is interesting. To draw the way the blade disappears,it is meaningful, as the blade shank becomes invisible, it focuses on Byakuya. This leaves him an impression.

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1. Sasakibe:

Kuchiki Byakuya:
"There are those who spread bad rumors about Vice-Captain Sasakibes competence, but I have nothing but admiration for his fervent loyalty."

"I have complete faith in Choujirou. He understands all the finer points and acts accordingly. For this reason, no one else but him is the vice-captain of the 1st Division."

2. Yamamoto:

Hirako Shinji:
"A lot happened in the past, but I hold no grudge against the old man. Hes still very, very vigorous. I want to know his secret."

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"Yama-jii? Hes still scary, huh~ cause he hasnt weakened at all~ Its troubling. Anyway, wanna get a drink? Tonight?"

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"What? The Captain-Commander? Ive seen glimpses of him at captain meetings, but thats about it~ Well~ I heard he frequented the pub in the past."

Sasakibe Choujirou:
"Eijisai-dono.. I mean, Captain-Commander? Serving under the Captain-Commander as vice-captain, that is my duty. Thats all I have to say."


1. Omaeda Marechiyo

"Hmph, I dont really have anything to say about him, but I guess hes helpful once in a blue moon. Rudeness towards Yoruichi-sama is the one thing Ill never forgive."

Hisagi Shuuhei
"Ive been to his residence a few times, but its outrageous, the scale of everything. And his family line is weird"

2. Shihouin Yoruichi

"Yoruichi-sama? Her beauty and grace don't make you feel anything? Fool! Thats why people these days"

Kuchiki Byakuya:
"That werecat? She is no longer in the Gotei 13. Thats why theres nothing I could say about her. The past? Nothing really."

3. Sui-Feng:

"Captain Sui-Feng? Hm~ The number of cat goods is getting more outrageous each year. Im sure shed never buy them with my money Shed never "

"Thank you very much! The photographs you took of Captain Ukitake that time are my treasure! If you ever have the chance to take more, please do!"

Enjouji Tatsufusa:
"Fuoooowh! Captain Sui-Feng? She is my sweetheart, the one I love! Captain Sui-Feng please hit me."

"Youre still like a newborn baby. You wont catch up to me at this rate. Thats right, I still have the secret photographs from when you tried to trick me."


1. Ichimaru Gin

Kusajishi Yachiru:
"Gin-kun gave me lots of dried persimmons. Gin-kuns persimmons were really sweet and tasty."

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"What the hell~ In the end, he disappeared without leaving anything Me? Im fine now. Because it was the Gin I knew."

2. Kira Izuru

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"See~? No need to pull such a stingy face~ You wanna drink, right? For his sake too. Come on, lets drink!"

Hinamori Momo:
"Ive known Kira-kun since my Academy days. What? Hes nice to me? Theres no way, is there? Back then, I"

3. Otoribashi Roujuurou

Kira Izuru:
"Captain? He looks gloomy(?) like me, but he isnt. He can speak English and play music. Hes comfortable to be around."

Hirako Shinji:
"Rose is very stylish, like me. Hes a handsome guy, right? Well, he could never beat me no matter how he tries."

Muguruma Kensei:
"Rose returned as captain at the same time as me and Shinji. I see, that Ichimaru guy was in the 3rd Division"

"I made effort to their reinstatements, you say? Central 46 isnt such an obstinate organization. Theyre open to reason. So many old faces~"

T/N: Kira uses 陰側. I cant find the word in my dictionary, but the characters means 'dark, negative' and 'side'.


1. Unohana Retsu

Kotetsu Isane:
Shes my beautiful captain who I respect deeply. Shes also attentive. I cant imagine anyone hating her.

Kyouraku Shunsui:
Shes been captain the longest after Yama-ji~ Shes definitely very caring. But youre in trouble if you anger her. The kinder the woman, the bigger the danger.

Yamada Hanatarou:
My senpai scold me all the time but Captain Unohana is always very caring. Im happy I can work for her!

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
What do you want from me? The 4th Division Captain? I no longer have any interest in her. Neither her abilities nor real identity. I could tell you?

2. Kotetsu Isane

Unohana Retsu:
Shes my wonderful assistent, Isane. I tell her to be more lady-like, but I guess she lacks confidence.

Kotetsu Kiyone:
Whenever I talk with big sis, its usually about Captain Unohana. She really likes Captain Unohana, huh. Im like that with Captain Ukitake, though.

3. Yamada Hanatarou

Kuchiki Rukia:
When I was in the 6th Division jail, the person in charge of cleaning the room was Hanatarou. We talked freely about all sorts of things.

Kuchiki Byakuya:
He followed me when we were sent to Hueco Mondo. He really was an eyesore at the time. To be honest, thats all I can recall of him.


1. Hirako Shinji

Sarugaki Hiyori:
Wha? Shinji? I dunno know about badly Shinji, dumbass! What dya wanna hear? Badly Shinjis secret? Id tell ya (laughs)

Urahara Kisuke:
I caused Hirako-san nothing but trouble. Not being able to save him when this all started is my responsibility.

Muguruma Kensei:
Shinji is the 5th division and Im the 9th. The fact we could return to our captain seats is thanks to the old man. Hes looking out for us in his own way.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
This man lacks a sense of distance, he always has. I hate how he barges in whenever he feels like it.

2. Aizen Sousuke

I leave the treatment of traitors up to Central 46. He will never again walk freely through Seireitei.

Hirako Shinji:
He really deceived me. I never trusted Aizen from the start. I look like an idiot for still being deceived me like that.

Hinamori Momo:
Captain Aizen No, Aizen Sousuke. I am now carrying out my duties as Gotei 13 member thanks to Captain Hirako and Rangiku-san.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
I have no interest in Aizen Sousuke who is now powerless due to my device. Although, I would be if he managed to remove his bindings.

3. Hinamori Momo

Hitsugaya Toushiro:
She almost broke mentally because of Aizen, but shes fine now, right? Also, do tell her to call me Captain Hitsugaya.

Abarai Renji:
Although her sword and martial art skills are lower than mine and Kiras, Hinamori is amazing at kidou. She makes her own combinations and stuff.


1. Kuchiki Byakuya

Abarai Renji:
He was already impressive when I first met him, but after working beside him, I really think hes amazing. Besides, hes Rukias brother-in-law. I want to surpass him quickly!

Kuchiki Rukia:
I know the kindness Nii-sama has for everyone the best. Having acquired my bankai, Im happy I could possibly be of assistence to Nii-sama now.

Shihouin Yoruichi:
We often played together in the past. He always looks so prim nowadays. Its important to relax once in a while, you know.

Yamada Hanatarou:
I understand Rukia is important but it was mean to leave me behind as soon as we arrived in Las Noches.

2. Abarai Renji

Kuchiki Byakuya:
Hes straightforward and impulsive, but those are also his strong points. The 6th Division has become livelier since Renjis arrival.

Kuchiki Rukia:
Renji, huh. Hes as reckless as ever. But I guess hes become a lot calmer since meeting Ichigo.

Urahara Kisuke:
It was easy to trick Abarai-san into training with Sado-sa ah!? No, no. I mean, please be careful because youre easy to trick.

Madarame Ikkaku:
I think he fits best in the 11th Division, though! It seems hes gotten a new bankai, I wanna have a match with him sometime soon~


1. Ise Nanao

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"Nanao-chan? She always treats me coldly, but in reality she likes m puh!?" (hitting sound)

Kusajishi Yachiru:
"She does everything for me. Shes a dependable vice-president. She gives me lots of sweet candies-"

2. Kyouraku Shunsui

Ise Nanao:
"Captain? He always had this personality; hes interested in frivolous activities, he runs after women as soon as he sees one can I stop already?"

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"I wonder if its instinct. Hell always appear when Im drinking, saying Oho? But Nanao gets angry when we drink together."

Ukitake Juushirou:
"Kyouraku? Hes always been populair with female members. Hes a true captain. He might not look it, but hes a dependable man."

"What? I have to comment again? About Shunsui? What did you learn at the Academy!? A captains haori isnt for fashion, you moron."


1. Shiba Isshin

"Maybe I shouldve examined his report a little closer. But there was definitely information missing."

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"Always slacking off What does he think work is!? Do you know who has to clean up his mess? Me and Toushiro!"

2. Matsumoto Rangiku

Hitsugaya Toushiro:
"Matsumoto? Its fine if she stays the way she is. I hear she looks after and helps various people. That said, do your work."

Kira Izuru:
"Matsumoto-san has really helped me. But she always make me drink until I puke Im glad, but"

3. Hitsugaya Toushiro

Matsumoto Rangiku:
"Captain? Yeah, he works well and hes quick with everything. Thats why I can leave work to him in peace."

Hinamori Momo:
"Im old friends with Shiro-chan. Were both from a place called Junrinan in Rukongai. Ah, excuse me, I mean Captain Hitsugaya."

Ukitake Juushirou:
"Captain Hitsugayas name and my name are similar, so theres a sense of affinity! Each year he happily accepts my birthday gifts to him in a loud voice."

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"Captain Hitsugaya is really popular. There are also a few people in the 8th Division who are 'interested' in him. Its hard being a popular guy, just like me."


1. Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Kurotsuchi Nemu:
Mayuri-sama does no wrong. Anxiety or mistrust is out of the question because he calculates everything completely.

Zaraki Kenpachi:
I got no interest in guys who cant fight to the death. He makes precise plans? I hate bastards who beat around the bush.

Kuchiki Byakuya:
He is a man who changed through Kurosaki Ichigo, but, as you know, I do not care for him. He is a freak who lacks grace and dignity.

Urahara Kisuke:
Mayuri-san? He seems to hate me, why I wonder? I do like Mayuri-san, though.

2. Kurotsuchi Nemu

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
You speak nonsense. Making a thing like Nemu is very easy. Unconvinced? How about I turn you into my test subject then?

Abarai Renji:
That obscene, luscious recovery Ishida and I saw in Hueco Mondo Its no use! I want to remember but I cant somehow!!

3. Urahara Kisuke

Hirako Shinji:
Talk about Kisuke? He really helped us out, in the past. Kisuke shouldve come back too, but he likes the Human World.

Urahara? If it wasnt for him, I could still be working under Yoruichi-sama. Ill never forgive him!

4. Sarugaki Hiyori

Hirako Shinji:
She hits me over every little thing. Also, I dont remember when, but she once called my old hairdo broken. Ticks me off.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
Hm? Thats a name I havent heard in a while. Shed get angry abruptly, start blabbering about rank - anyway, she was a noisy woman.

5. Akon

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
He works well for me, Akon. It allows me to focus my attention on research. What am I researching? You.

Hinamori Momo:
After the Arrancar fight, I was hospitalized and received organ regeneration. Im really grateful, but hes a bit sca I-Im really thankful.


1. Kuchiki Rukia

Abarai Renji:
"Now we share the same rank, huh. Well, I got promoted first, though. Were in different divisions, but well work hard and learn from each other, right!"

Ukitake Juushirou:
"Youve done well to get this far, Kuchiki. While my health is poor, you support me well. Please continue as you do."

Kotsubaki Sentarou:
"Vice-captain Kuchiki? Going from a death row to vice-captain promotion, huh. Alright! Lets support Captain Ukitake together!"

Kuchiki Byakuya:
"Rukia? You probably have to support Ukitake in many areas due to his weak constitution. Work hard, true to the Kuchiki family name."

2. Ukitake Juushirou

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"Ukitake? Weve been together for so long, saying such things now would be embarrassing. Hm, tell him to take care of his health~"

Kuchiki Rukia:
"He is a wonderful person. He always looks out for me I might not be the person I am now if it wasnt for Captain Ukitake."

Kuchiki Byakuya:
"I am grateful to Ukitake. Rukia is the way she is now thanks to Ukitake. Please do tell him that I am leaving Rukia in his hands."

Kotetsu Kiyone:
"Captain? By the way, did you also ask Kotsubaki? No? I love r-respect Captain Ukitake more than anyone!!!!"

3. Shiba Kaien

Ukitake Juushirou:
"Having lost such a valuable subordinate is regrettable, but the entire Division has many unforgettable memories of the times we spent with Kaien."

Kuchiki Rukia:
"He was an wonderful superior who treated me normally like I wanted. I am still so very grateful to Kaien-dono."


1. Senjumaru

Hyousube Ichibei:
Since Senjumaru came to the Zero Division, she tailors a new uniform for me from time to time. It helpes me out, but is it really necessary to take new measurements every time?

Hikifune Kirio:
Senjumaru-chan is too skinny! I tell her to eat my food but she hardly ever drops by.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri:
Shes as horrible as ever, no matter how many years pass. If she wasnt in the Zero Division, I would *** and *** her. I changed the key ages ago.

Kyouraku Shunsui:
Its difficult to make requests to the Zero Division. But always from Senjumaru-san, my new kimono I order ah, never mind.

2. Nimaiya Ouetsu

Hyousube Ichibei:
"I often have no clue what hes saying, but his judgment and skills are definitely good. But I hardly praise him cause it goes straight to his head."

Hikifune Kirio:
"Ouetsu-chans place is always nice and lively. I visit from time to time, but its a shame all the boys work in the back."

Ootoribashi Roujirou:
"I feel I could play new music with him. All the dancers feel the same? Looks like we could make a good dance troupe."

Zaraki Kenpachi:
"Who cares. I stole this thing. Its mine if you dont have the guts to take it back. Besides, I finally found out its name."

3. Hyousube Ichibei

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"When the Monk makes an appearance, you really feel the Zero Division has arrived. Its a reminder were in a state of emergency."

Kirinji Tenjirou:
"I was like "Haaa~?"when old Hyousube invited me to the Zero Division, but its only reasonable to invite someone of my caliber."

Nimaiya Ouetsu:
"So! Hes the godfather of Soul Society! Yo! Say Hyo-su-be! Hyo-su-be!"

Hirako Shinji:
"Hiyori still holds a grudge because "that old man took Captain Hikifune away!" Id better not let them meet."

4. Kirinji Tenjirou

Hyousube Ichibei:
"Hes got a short fuse and quickly starts fights. He's probably bored, not having anyone to fight with in Soul King Palace. And he doesnt stand a chance against me!"

Kyouraku Shunsui:
"As a child, when Id get injured after a fight with Ukitake, Yama-ji would take me somewhere and get me healed. Really takes me back."

Unohana Retsu:
"Kirinji-san is the person who taught me healing kido. I guess you could say he is my teacher thats all."

Urahara Kisuke:
"Kirinji-sans hot springs are truly amazing. I built a copy, but its difficult to replicate perfectly."

5. Hikifune Kirio

Kirinji Tenjirou:
"Being hit by her freakin hurts especially when shes large But her meals are delicious."

Hirako Shinji:
"I didnt recognize her at all when we reunited. Shes too different from her time in the 12th! Hiyori would be shocked too!"

Nimaiya Ouetsu:*
"Kirio-chan is a hot chick when shes thin. I think so, ya. But that mama form, yeah."
* I cant convey it properly in English but just imagine Nimaiya talking like someone whos trying to sound cool but uses slang from 20 years ago.

"The last time I met Hikifune was when she was getting promoted to the Zero Division. Its been over 110 years since then Hn? She put on weight? Really?"

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