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Кажется, нашла :lol:. Называется, "пострадай – и воздастся тебе" (почти).

Bond Has It Covered by sara_holmes, ~66к слов, кэпостарк, NC-17, MCU, пост-первый мстительский фильм
Summary: Tony thought they had trouble getting along when they were dealing with a major global crisis. Apparently that had nothing on how they fell apart when they weren't distracted by smashing aliens.

Идеальный тимбилд как раз в том плане, что собрались пять чужих людей, которые и не очень-то хотят притираться друг к другу, но вариантов нет. И никаких сразу семейных вечеров с киношками нет, и вытирания соплей друг за другом, и всей той ванили, которую пишут в MCU, забирая из комиксверса.
То есть ладно, немножко есть, но не сразу, и это допустимая поправка. Ну просто бальзам на душу. И Кэп классный :smirk:.

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“Erm,” Clint says, scratching his head. “I forget, what were we playing for?”

“Sixty eight dollars, two buttons, the Hawkeye action figure, the last piece of raspberry cheesecake in the fridge and a ‘get out of telling Natasha we broke something’ card,” Tony fills in.

И там этого добра очень-очень много :chups:.
Strangled laughter cuts off Steve’s retort, and it takes Tony a moment to realize it’s come from him. “Join the Avengers initiative, they said,” he says humourlessly. “Do a good deed and save the world, they said. Sit around and let us fuck you six ways from Sunday.”

“Picked the wrong vent to try and hide in,” Tony says calmly. “How did you even get in here without a boost? Never mind, I think I’d rather not know. Right, apparently your whole fucked up family speech really struck a chord with something in my brain, so now I’m going to play the interfering Mom card. You can either come down so Steve can chill the fuck out and stop worrying about you, because frankly he’s doing my head in.”

“Or?” Clint asks.

“Or we can forcibly extract you from the vent to achieve the same end,” Tony says easily. “Come on. We’re all pissed about this. Come and be pissed with us.”


“No, Sir,” Jarvis says, sounding apologetic. “Director Fury would like you to know that if you refuse to come to the mandatory debriefing, he will bring the debriefing to you.”

“You did what?” Clint asks sounding taken-aback. Tony looks at him in the reflection, sees his eyebrows rise in disbelief. “You and Steve talked something out? With words? Spoken directly to each other and not through Jarvis and without mayhem and bloodshed?”

Единственное, что поднапрягло, это то, как проводился линия с Баки, но окладна, надеюсь, переживу, это мои личные тараканы. А! И еще, хм, неправомерное обращение с частями тела Уэйда Уилсона, да :lol:.

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